Being a blessing to our neighbors and local community is hugely important to us. We are currently volunteering with:

Helping Hands Sock Drive: We collect new and clean used socks for our neighbors and donate them to Helping Hands.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Boxes: Every year we celebrate by collecting food and gifts to give to local families.

Heifer Project: This year we’re raising $5,000 to buy an “ark” from the Heifer Project. A gift of an ark donation includes two water buffaloes, two cows, two sheep and two goats, along with bees, chicks, rabbits and more. This helps an entire community.

Congregations Helping People: We donate bus passes, money, hats and scarves, hygiene items, and children’s books for people who need these items and to help pay their rent and electricity bills.

Yard Work: Every fall, many of our neighbors struggle with keeping up with the falling leaves so we bring our rakes over, do yard work, and pull weeds.

As a building, we also host several community groups:

  • Cub Scouts Troupe #103
  • Home School Collective
  • Two hispanic congregations
  • Roller skating classes for kids.